Hustler wanted to make their line of sex toys available outside of the sex toys industry, and more accessible to a wider, female audience. Their brand was infamous, and spoke to a male dominated pornographic market. Sex toy packaging market-wide was deeply challenged by their sexualized portrayal of women in product photos, appealing to men rather than women.


We believed their products should not be taboo, but rather as fashionable accessories to be purchased often and in different combinations, as normal and necessary as cosmetics. We designed Hustler Toys brand and packaging attitude that is alluring, stylish and chic. We went outside of the sex shoppe category and brought in colors, textures, and copywriting more in line with beauty and cosmetics, elevating the brand while speaking to women in an edgy yet friendlier tone. Inspired by Hustler’s rebellious reputation as well as the latest styles, colors and innovations, the brand promotes luxury and self-expression, while encouraging customers to put their reservations aside and be adventurous. We demystified the products by creating an icon system to represent the function and skill level needed so shoppers would know where to start. These icons quickly informed shoppers, and also served as a great ice-breaker, letting shoppers relax and less afraid